Do you know the rate at which your shipments are stealing profit right off your dock?

You'll Never Know Until You Ask.

If your business has anything to do with incoming or outgoing shipments, whether local , regional, nationwide, or worldwide, in any mode from local courier to regional truckload to global intermodal, there is a strong likelihood that your shipping costs are higher than they should be—even if you use an online broker!

Think of this: Do you really know what is an acceptable shipping rate for your outbound shipments? Is your transportation spend hiding inefficiencies that could be, and should be adding to your bottom line and not someone else’s?

Look at the chart on the right to see how much REAL SAVINGS you can achieve by choosing a better 3PL provider!

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Customer Advantage: The Marriage of Customodal's Customer Service + DLW Worldwide's State of the Art Platform make an Ideal Match.

As an RR Donnelley DLS Worldwide Affiliate, Customodal offers three distinct advantages over typical logistics providers.

One, at Customodal we pride ourselves on taking a personal interest in our customers. While we indeed offer the very best in online portals, we also have a fully staffed support team at the ready. We believe in treating a customer as “YourName” at Your Company, not “NoName” at company #1234.

In other words, you’re not a number to us.

Two, the DLS Worldwide affiliation opens the vast resources of one of the largest Logistics operations in the world to any client, big or small. That access is critically important when moving freight, and is what makes the best 3PL’s shine.

This deep access to the lowest LTL and truckload shipping rates was previously reserved only for big companies, giving then a distinct competitive advantage.

Now our customers can enjoy a vastly more competitive landscape for their goods.

Three, the DLS Worldwide customer portal is among the best and easiest interfaces available, giving customers fingertip access to new shipment orders, past shipments and detailed freight tracking.

Praised as one of the most user-friendly portals available, the Customodal interface enables customers to monitor their transportation budget on the fly.

Reduce transportation costs. Reduce stress. Try Customodal today!


No longer requiring a line-item in your budget, IT software from Customodal offers dynamic control of your freight, from inception to final destination. Our TMS is among the best in the industry, and is updated regularly with a spare-no-cost mindset that provides our customers with the power, access and flexibility only found on the best portals.

How do we do it?  We’re one of only a handful of RR Donnelley DLS Worldwide affiliates nationwide, and we bring that power to your desktop!

Customodal + DLSW. A Powerful 3PL Pairing

TMS Benefits

  1. Mobile-Ready Shipping Portal
  2. More Easily Audit your Transportation Spend
  3. Ship via Air. Land. Sea. And Everything In Between.
  4. Powerful User Interface Enables Deep Reporting
  5. Responsive Network Offers Up-to-the-Minute Details

Signature Distinctions of the Customodal/DLS Worldwide Alliance

Three ways our TMS powers your logistics



Our TMS portal is available any way you want it! Online? Check. Desktop? Check. Mobile? Check. Anywhere you are, we are.



Access to virtually every means possible to move your freight provides the most flexible platform in the industry. Brought to you by Customodal and DLS Worldwide!



From re-routing to recalling and from speeding up to slowing down, our TMS gives you the ability to make freight changes on the fly! All backed by the best Customer Service in the industry.


See first-hand the benefits of partnering with Customodal!

Let us show you how much time and money can be saved in your transportation department!



Customodal and DLS Worldwide: Taking Hi Tech Higher

Instant 24/7 Access.

No need to purchase expensive and short-lived technology. With Customodal, you have access to our complete portal on your desktop, smartphone or tablet. Wherever you are, your freight is always a click away.

Detailed Statistics

The key to informed transportation decisions is good data. The Customodal/DLS Worldwide TMS reporting function is versatile and robust to help you control your spend and develop informed strategies.


Thoroughly Planned. Built with Speed in Mind.

Ever used a portal that is not ready for prime time? The Customodal/DLS Worldwide TMS is well-planned and easy to use.

``Ergonomic`` Software Interface

It’s what you want, the way you want it. Our transportation management software gives you all you need without tripping over its own feet in the process. Minimal clicks. Fast reporting. Effortless tracking.