3PL stands for Third Party Logistics, and is the name for the general category of providers who arrange shipping for companies.

The Virtual Fleet concept is born out of the need for on-demand trucking for small to medium sized manufacturers. The cost of owning, maintaining and staffing a transportation department is cost-prohibitive for many, and therefore Customodal offers those manufacturers a Virtual Fleet, one or more trucks that are owned and maintained by Customodal (and often staffed by Customodal as well!). Those trucks often bear no distinction from a truck that might have otherwise been owned by the company, but instead are (needs finishing)

Local Logistics is a traffic system for local manufacturers who work with each other to produce a product. Usually one manufacturer has two or more vendors in a local geography that they consistently ship parts to and receive parts from. The Local Logistics Program provides consistent transportation at a reduced rate much like the “Milk Run” concept.