All-Risk Shipper’s Interest Insurance


  • Through TFWW & Customodal


Customodal Can Help

With our access to TFWW’s worldwide network and our hands-on local approach, your business will be well taken care of at Customodal.

Excluded Commodities

  • Accounts, bills, cash, checks, COD payments, currency, evidence of debt, money orders
  • Automobiles/motorcycles (defined as licensed road worthy vehicles), sailboats, motorized boats, yachts
  • Bulk cargo (defined as loose dry or liquid cargo that is transported unpackaged or non-containerized)
  • Coins, gold, silver, and other precious metals
  • Cotton
  • Flowers, plants
  • Fresh foods/produce (excepting frozen foods in reefer trailers)
  • Gemstones (loose stones)
  • Grandfather/grandmother clocks
  • Live animals
  • Models (including but not limited to: ships, cars, airplanes and architectural)
  • Neon items
  • Original/fine art valued at over $20,000 per piece
  • Perishable goods or similar property (when not carried or stored in a temperature-controlled environment)
  • Pharmaceutical drugs
  • Plate/flat glass, windows
  • Securities, tickets, deeds, notes, gift cards, manuscripts, other negotiable papers and documents
  • Used engines/motors

Coverage Details

  • Up to $2M max for FTL Shipments
  • Up to $1M max for LTL and Air/Ocean Shipments
  •  Higher Limits available upon request
  • World to World coverage
  •  Shipments to/from Mexico subject to separate limits and deductibles

Important Reminders

  • $0 deductible up to $10,000
  • Tiered deductibles for values above $10,000
  • Suitable packaging is required
  • Wear and tear on used items not covered
  • Concealed damage claims require timely reporting


  • Amount of invoice plus freight if declared (plus 10% if declared)
  • Fair market, or Actual Cash Value, if no invoice

Please refer to actual insurance policy for full terms and conditions.