Why is LTL Freight Slow

Why is LTL Freight Slow

Why Is LTL Freight Slow? The internet has made it possible for every company to do business in a global marketplace. Online retailers like Amazon and direct sales portals like eBay have made less-than-truckload (LTL) freight shipping much more common. For some...

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The Truth About Routing Guides

Typical Routing Guides are made using data that is usually 12-18 months old. In today’s shipping economy, that’s several lifetimes and it’s costing you money every time you ship. Dynamic Routing takes the most current available data factoring multiple input variables...

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Air Freight vs. Air Cargo: Is there a Difference?

Air Freight vs. Air Cargo: Is there a Difference?

Air Freight vs. Air Cargo: Is there a Difference? Air freight and air cargo refer to the fees paid to the carrier operating the transporting the cargo.  Air cargo happens in two ways.

The cargo is transported on a plane owned by a third party.
A freight company moves cargo on their own planes.

Shipping, either domestically or internationally, is governed by an array of national and international rules and laws.  Making the wrong mistake can end with your cargo impounded or seized. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of shipping with a freight company or handling the shipping details yourself can be the difference in a happy outcome or a financial disaster.

Freight Forwarders

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Excellent Technology + Human Know-How

The online portal is an integral part of Customodal’s ease of use, and a significant reason we continue to partner with them. However, it is the real-person logistics coordinators who bridge that technology with human know-how that makes them a trusted, long-term logistics partner and a real asset to our business.

M.P, Shipping Lead
National Truck and Equipment Dealer

Seamless Transition + Immediate Savings

Customodal has made our transition into the DLSW Logistics System effortless. With their seamless integration and excellent training, our team didn’t lose any productivity and we saw immediate cost benefit from the switch to their full service 3PL. The savings have met or exceeded all expectations and the service has been exemplary.

A.C, Materials Manager
Nationwide Equipment Manufacturer

Outstanding Service + Great Scaleability

We have used Customodal for a number of years, and I can say with confidence that their partnership has been invaluable. Their knowledge of logistics, willingness to provide in-depth answers to our most difficult questions, breadth of services and most of all, their ability to scale with us through a season of tremendous growth has been vital to our success.

J.F., Supply Chain Manager
National Equipment Manufacturer