Frustrated with late or missed shipments?  Learn how to find a better truckload broker

Supply chain challenges have been headline news lately and the issue isn’t likely to go away anytime soon. To prevent late or missed shipments, which are becoming  commonplace for many businesses, Marshfield-based logistics company Customodal is no stranger to mitigating these challenges. Working with companies from all over the country, Customodal helps them get and send products and raw materials where they need to go. Hint: Preparing for holiday shipping now is a good start. “If late or missed pickups getting in the way of growing your business, it’s time to find a dynamic new option to help streamline operations,” said Customodal founder Mike Eberl, who has more than 30 years of industry experience.
His companies have provided asset-based ground freight, parcel shipping, air freight, and charter flight services. Third-party logistics, or 3PL, is an outsourcing service that manages operational logistics of shipping operations from warehousing to delivery. This allows business owners to focus more on the core activities of their business, ensuring the healthy continuation of their work and the strengthening of their profit investment ratio. Customodal specializes in working with manufacturing companies, but is equipped to handle any industry – something that is especially useful during times fraught with shipping challenges. “During this unprecedented challenge, we’ve doubled down on ensuring our existing clients are receiving the best communication and expert commentary,” said Eberl. “We closely monitor changing market conditions and tactics to optimize rate and transit time.” Eberl added that now is the time to think about Christmastime shipping, and to adjust transit time expectations. Eberl frequently uses a “canoe on a river” analogy to describe the movement of freight in the US economy: “Moving with the current is obviously more productive than trying to battle against it. Additionally, the different paths available to the canoeist are similar to the ways different shippers cope with freight market conditions. There is no wrong path, only those that are filled more or less with eddies, pools, rapids, logjams, and easy paddling,” he said. “Transportation is cyclical and using the right tactics at the right part of the cycle is experience good 3PLs share for their clients’ benefit,” added Eberl. “Today that may be about being a ‘shipper of choice,’ or shifting peak monthly shipping from the last day to mid-month… or even finding ways to orient freight more vertically instead of beating carriers over the head for discounts.” Contact Customodal to learn more!

About The Author

Mike Eberl
Mike is Founder and CEO of Customodal. Having a nearly 30 year history owning companies which provided asset-based ground freight, parcel shipping, air freight and charter flight services, Mike harnessed that knowledge into a Top-Tier logistics company when he started Customodal.

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