TForce Worldwide Payment Information & Quotes

Customodal is part of the TForce Worldwide (TFWW) network. If you are wondering how to make a payment and generate a quote, you’ve come to the right place. TFWW Connect is a useful platform with many benefits.

TFWW is a non-asset based platform providing logistics services through a locally based network of 140+ Agent Stations and 200+ Corporate Sales and Operational Personnel. Our Multi- Modal Platform provides Less-Than-Truckload, Truckload, Intermodal, Freight Forwarding, Expedited, and Parcel to 10,000 Clients.

TFWW Connect Making a Payment

In this video, learn how to process payments in the TFWW system. To begin, select the “invoice icon.” Toggle the top of the page to view different options, search features, and more. Select “make payment” button and set up a payment option, if needed. Work through the rest of the payment steps. At the end, you will receive an invoice.

Watch here:

TFWW Connect Generating an LTL Quote and Shipment

In this video, learn how to make an LTL quote and shipment. Select the service at the bottom of the dashboard and select “quote.” Enter shipping and delivery postal codes, then any additional services if needed.

If you have any further questions about making a payment or developing a quote on the Customodal TForce Worldwide (TFWW) network, our team is happy to help! Feel free to contact us today.


About The Author

Mike Eberl
Mike is Founder and CEO of Customodal. Having a nearly 30 year history owning companies which provided asset-based ground freight, parcel shipping, air freight and charter flight services, Mike harnessed that knowledge into a Top-Tier logistics company when he started Customodal.

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