A To-Do List for New Traffic Managers

If you are a new traffic manager or continuing in your role at a new business, Customodal is here to help! Our CEO has more than 30 years of experience in the industry and our team is a trusted resource in the industry.

A traffic manager in logistics arranges for the delivery of materials and products. They monitor outbound and inbound shipments, oversee communication with vendors, suppliers, and internal departments like sales and production, and deal with claims of goods that were damaged or lost in transit (Zip Recruiter). We’ve put together a brief to-do list for a new traffic manager.

If you are starting your job as a traffic manager, here is a list of to-do items to get started towards success:

  1. Determine what your company’s current methods of transportation and distribution are.
  2. Analyze the current method for efficiency. Review loss and damage claims caused by accidents and errors.
  3. Speak with a 3PL like Customodal to see where savings could be attained.
  4. Switch your company’s LTL carrier, if appropriate.

Very few providers have the extensive background and understanding of freight like the Customodal team, a fact that continues to draw clients with sophisticated shipping needs from throughout the midwest.

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About The Author

Mike Eberl
Mike is Founder and CEO of Customodal. Having a nearly 30 year history owning companies which provided asset-based ground freight, parcel shipping, air freight and charter flight services, Mike harnessed that knowledge into a Top-Tier logistics company when he started Customodal.

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