Difference Between Skid and Pallet

Wondering what the difference is between a skid and pallet? A skid can be accessed on either side by a forklift but not a pallet jack. This is because the pallet jacks arms are fixed at a certain height and width and forklift’s arms can adjust right to the ground and side to side

A pallet can be accessed on any of the four sides by either a forklift or pallet jack. This is because all four sides and the center rail are open to allow the pallet jacks fixed arms in.

Why does it matter?

For years many in the shipping industry have used either label to refer to both pallet and skid. But due to a confluence of constraints like labor shortages and training deficiencies more and more LTL operations are shifting from all forklift to a mix of forklift and pallet jack with the use of pallet jacks expected to continue to grow. Add in the high capacity utilization on LTL trucks in today’s market and suddenly it matters if you are shipping a pallet that can be loaded either way by pallet jack or a skid that can only be loaded in one direction. And that ultimately translates to your shipping cost.


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