What is a Transportation Management System or TMS?

Gartner, a global research and advisory company, defines a transportation management system or TMS as a solution that “is used to plan freight movements, do freight rating and shopping across all modes, select the appropriate route and carrier, and manage freight bills and payments.”

Whether server-based or cloud-based, TMS is the first step in digitizing your supply chain logistics.  TMS software improves supply chain efficiency by eliminating the need to call or email your partners. Companies that digitally manage their freight operations with a TMS can measurably  increase supply chain efficiency. 

Most TMS software includes the functionality to rate, book, and track shipments. They can also include features for additional reporting, integrations, and auditing. 

6 Reasons Your Company Needs a TMS

Investing in a TMS is a gamechanger for companies who ship freight of any size. 

Using a TMS will help you to:

  1. Save time searching for quotes and placing pick up orders.
  2. Save money by easily comparing rates.
  3. Boost customer satisfaction by enabling the right transit cycle
  4. Improve collaboration with supply chain stakeholders. 
  5. Identify where to make operational changes for greater efficiency and ROI.
  6. Help you scale and grow your business.

Logistics Providers and TMS Software

As you can see, a TMS increases efficiency and productivity, all while saving your company money and time. The cost, however, is a barrier for many. 

Purchasing a TMS is a significant investment. You’re not just paying for the software. There’s also the cost of setup, training, configuration, and integration with your other shipping programs.

While the cost of purchasing a TMS is out-of-reach for many small and medium size businesses; you will find many good logistics service providers who can can provide you with access to theirs for nothing!

Partner with Customodal for TMS Capabilities

Customodal’s EXACT Program gives shippers access to TForce Worldwide, a 3PL platform. Our customers are able to input load parameters and get quotes in seconds. They can also customize carrier options, and get near real-time tracking data. Call us at 800-445-6577 to get started with minimal training.

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