Freight That Fits

truck driver in cab

Trucking is in our DNA.

Customodal’s first 15 years was as an asset-based trucking company.  And our transition from asset-based trucking to 100% non-asset logistics provider means driving, dispatching, and operating assets is part of our DNA…almost everybody here came up through the business on the asset-side. 

That means we have been in your shoes.  Some brokers are out to take advantage of trucks and drivers….not us.  We are looking for truckers who recognize and respect the role we play as brokers just as we respect your role.  

Benefits of Hauling With Customodal

Solid Relationships


    • We believe in fair pay and completely open communication.  No BS…just the facts so we can all make appropriate decisions and get the freight moved on-time without damage.

Quality Freight


    • We are not a transactional broker…our shipper relationships are deep.  That means we can give you facts about what you will haul, how it is packaged, and what is unique about the shipper or consignee locations which translates to fewer surprises for you.  Whether you want contract or spot freight we have a variety of load options to match your needs.

Quick Pay


    • Get paid by electronic transfer in 2 days with our popular quick-pay option. 

Dispatch Service


    • Want a dedicated dispatch service to handle all your back-office tasks from booking loads to invoicing shipments to auditing logs and verifying permits?  The dispatch service is the wave of the future for smaller trucking operations and our combination of asset-based trucking experience and brokerage authority gives you everything you need in the office to keep your business moving forward.