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Providing solutions to our Clients and Carriers problems is the lifeblood of our business, and the essence of our service excellence is our relationship with each Client and Carrier. We are constantly identifying market problems so that we know exactly what kinds of solutions our Clients and Carriers will value most. We go above and beyond by creating positive emotional experiences between our Clients, our Carriers, and our Staff.


Here are some common questions.

  • 01

    What happens if my shipment is damaged, will you pay for it?

    Generally freight damage or loss occurs in less than 1% of the shipments we handle. But each one of those damage or loss scenarios is high-tension, high-visibility for you, your customer, and your whole organization. While we can’t eliminate freight damage or loss; we will work with you to minimize its occurrence and facilitate the claim process when the inevitable happens. Your Account Executive will coach you through gathering documentation and pictures, describing the damage and cost, and even fill out the claim form to submit. Your account Executive will continue to follow the claim file, advocating on your behalf until the claim is paid, settled, or denied by the carrier. Learn more about how adding all-risk coverage at time of shipment simplifies the claim process and improves the odds of claims wins.
  • 02

    Can my customer track shipments in-transit or receive shipping alerts?

    Yes. If you share the shipment number (hint…it starts with AFX) with your customer, they can track that shipment at without even needing a login! And, coming soon, if you’d like automated alert emails, just select that option when setting up the shipment. Our system is connected electronically to our carrier base, so the information on our site is the same as on the carrier’s site, so you don’t have to keep track of carriers and pro#s anymore. You can quickly and conveniently monitor shipments in-transit on any number of carriers from one spot.
  • 03

    How much does it cost to use your TMS?

    As a Customodal client, you have FREE use of Priority1's system. It works on any device, simplifies your job, and can be integrated through EDI and API to most EMS and ERP platforms.
  • 04

    Can you help with International shipments also?

    Absolutely! While LTL and full truckload may be the vast majority of your freight spend, you are ready to look good on even the most challenging international shipment. Whether it’s used auto parts to an unnumbered residence on a remote carribean island, agricultural equipment destined for Mongolia or critical sub-assemblies imported from China to keep your production line fed you can trust the Customodal team to make it happen.
  • 05

    Customodal….Priority1….what is the deal?

    Think about your insurance agents, auto or life in particular. Your agent and the insurance company s/he represents are two separate businesses that are strategically aligned so that 1+1= more than 2! And you chose your agent based on a combination of the strength of the insurance company (State Farm or American Family) AND on the knowledge and expertise of the individual agent. Customodal is a team of logistics experts partnered with Priority1 very similarly to our insurance example. The international scale, technology, and purchasing power of an international company paired with the ultra-responsive expertise and skill of a real person who understands your businesses needs to achieve “…more than 2!”
  • 06

    Can I choose the LTL carrier for each shipment?

    Yes! Unlike some logistics companies who take control from local shipping departments; Customodal and Priority1 are about arming and empowering your shipping department with tools to make your work faster, easier, and less expensive for your company. With every LTL shipment
  • 07

    What does a “relationship” with Customodal look like?

    Clients who gain the most value working with Customodal engage with us across every function and level. Your shipping and purchasing departments will engage regularly with our logistics coordinators as they review shipment orders prior to carrier tender. Customodal’s Account Managers will frequently work with your functional leaders on projects from setting sales department expectations for transit time to be communicated to customers or working with accounting departments to provide an end of month unbilled shipment accrual report. And your Account Executive will be working with top management on performance metrics and big picture issues like how product engineering can affect future freight costs. Logistics spend is about more than freight bill cost and you can make the best decisions for your business when you have the best information. We want to help you understand the tradeoffs as they related to logistics.
  • 08

    What if I have an emergency overnight or on the weekend?

    Just call us! We know you don’t want to work during these times so if you are calling, it’s important. When you call our regular phone number after-hours you will be presented with a choice to leave a message for action the next business morning; or to be forwarded to our on-call person. From our roots as an asset-based expedited trucking company, we make sure you can reach a real, live person with the ability to make something happen 24/7/365.
  • 09

    How do I show my boss how much money we are saving working with Customodal?

    There are a number of ways we can help illustrate this…from very simple to very complex depending on your situation and use-case. Lets talk!
  • 10

    Will you train me to use the online portal?

    Of Course. We can provide 1:1 training using video meetings and screen sharing for a customized training experience or you can access our library of short videos for a refresher on a particular aspect of the portal. And, if you run into a question mid-shipment you can always call and we’ll help you where you are.
  • 11

    I’ve had bad experiences with brokers in the past who quote one thing and invoice another. Will that happen with you too?

    We’re about doing things right the first time at Customodal. That means we don’t send “balance due” or secondary invoices. Your initial invoice is right, or we live with it. Most brokers invoice you based on the quote, before the shipment even delivers and then send a balance due invoice for anything unexpected later. This is messy for everybody and makes it very hard for you to know your cost of a shipment. At Customodal we invoice you AFTER we receive and audit the carrier billing. And if the carrier bill comes in with something unexpected we will reach out to discuss it with you making a joint decision about accepting or disputing the extra charge….so your first invoice is the whole invoice. Yes, it adds a couple days to the invoicing cycle, but its a much more efficient, lower cost process in the long run.
  • 12

    Can you help with more than my LTL shipments?

    Customodal offers a full line of brokerage and freight forwarding services. Brokerage services include: LTL, full truckload (dry van, reefer, flatbed, specialized), expedite, and courier. Freight forwarding services include: Air (NFO, Next Day, 2-day, economy), Ocean (LCL & FCL), and Intermodal rail.
  • 13

    Do I have to Call or email my order in?

    At Customodal we strive to meet each client at their comfort spot for interaction. If you prefer talking through your shipments, give us a call. If you find email convenient, shoot us an email. If you are comfortable with technology, try scheduling a pickup with our cloud-based online portal. You choose!
  • 14

    How many portal users can I have?

    You can have as many portal users as you need. We commonly see clients set up purchasing, accounting, and customer service with portal logins. In fact, many clients report the ability of their customer service representatives to provide freight quotes at point of sale has resulted in additional profit for their companies!
  • 15

    How is Customodal different from other 3PLs?

    There are many, many factors that make Customodal different from other 3PLs, but the more you look around the more you will realize that all 3PL’s offer similar services, similar scale, and even similar pricing. The difference boils down to the people you work with, their experience, and their “why”. At Customodal we don’t employ “sales professionals”. Instead we seek out individuals who have a passion for the nuts and bolts of how logistics operations happen and can translate between the world of logistics and the world of manufacturing. You want freight problems solved and every single person at Customodal takes more satisfaction in solving those kinds of problems than they do in “winning the big sale”. And that passion to “meet our clients where they are”, putting ourselves in your shoes and making decisions in your best interest regardless of our short-term profit is what differentiates Customodal from ANY OTHER 3PL today. We aren’t out to be the biggest; but simply to make a difference for our clients.
  • 16

    I already deal with carriers directly, why should I consider a Customodal?

    This list is long….rates, claims, commodity classifications, billing audits, and more but everything really comes down to four reasons. Working with Customodal’s team of experienced professionals you will achieve more control, better visibility, and lower overall cost on your supply chain logistics.
How is the weather affecting my shipment?


Here is a link to the National Weather Service, detailing weather across the US.


National Weather Service

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