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Inbound Freight:
Under Control and Precisely Measured

Partnering with Customodal for inbound shipping can help you streamline your logistics processes, reduce costs, and improve visibility and control over your supply chain.

Here are some ways in which a 3PL can help with inbound shipping:

Freight management: 3PLs can help you choose the most efficient freight options for your inbound shipments, whether that means selecting the best carrier or mode of transportation. They can also manage freight-related paperwork, including bills of lading and customs documentation.

Carrier negotiations: 3PLs often have established relationships with carriers, which can lead to better rates and more favorable terms for your inbound shipments.

Tracking and visibility: With a 3PL, you can have real-time visibility into your inbound shipments, allowing you to monitor progress and respond to any issues that arise.

Inventory management: Once your goods are received, a 3PL can manage your inventory and help you optimize your storage and distribution strategies.

Not knowing a given cost component in manufacturing is the surest way to move away from precision ROI—and toward lower profitability. Yet when it comes to inbound raw materials, many companies settle for vendor-billed freight, essentially losing control of optimal costs. In an environment where fractions of pennies can make a huge difference in profitability, leaving inbound shipping in a vendor’s hands in no longer acceptable.

What is the benefit of negotiating lower raw materials costs when vendor-billed freight enables them to make up all or part of their cost concessions?
And requiring a vendor to use your routing guide saves you virtually nothing in freight costs. Why? Because routing guides are only a starting point for freight costs, not a static price list that carriers must abide by (now you know why it’s called a routing guide). Read more about “The Truth About Routing Guides” below.


There is now a way to SAVE TIME, CUT COSTS and PRECISELY PINPOINT your RM costs efficiently and easily.

Exact is the only program of its kind that takes the power of inbound cost controls and puts them squarely in the hands of the manufacturer. Through Customodal’s online portal, buyers can set load parameters and receive quotes in seconds that are based on multiple inputs and the most current available information.
By taking control of their inbound freight, manufacturers save from thousands to hundreds of thousands each year on inbound freight, all of which goes directly to their bottom line because there is no infrastructure or setup cost involved.

It’s just doing the same thing a different way. And gaining control, saving money and reaching the end of the day without any headaches. Or at least no more headaches from freight.

Now your purchasing department knows the EXACT cost of shipping, and by taking control, has ensured the company is receiving the absolute lowest cost for incoming freight. No more routing guides. No more vendor markups.

In the age of minimizing inventory costs, it has become critical that manufacturers know in detail the progress of all incoming freight. EXACT enables quick online tracking of every incoming shipment. And if something goes wrong in transit, Customodal’s Customer Service Experts are here to help, and in many cases can make adjustments to your freight mid-stream to help fulfill your manufacturing objectives.
Call or message us to learn how EXACT can make a difference to your bottom line.

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