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Partnering with Customodal for outbound shipping can help you improve your logistics processes, reduce costs, and provide better service to your customers.

Here are some ways in which a 3PL can help with outbound shipping:

Order fulfillment: 3PLs can handle order fulfillment, including picking, packing, and shipping of goods. This allows you to focus on your core business while the 3PL takes care of logistics.

Transportation management: 3PLs can help you choose the best carriers and modes of transportation for your outbound shipments, ensuring timely delivery and cost savings.

Shipping and tracking: 3PLs can handle shipping and tracking of your outbound shipments, providing you and your customers with real-time visibility into the shipment status.

Returns management: If you have a product return program, 3PLs can help manage the process, including receiving, inspecting, and restocking returned items.

Customer service: 3PLs can provide customer service support for your outbound shipments, handling inquiries, and resolving any issues that arise.

Customodal FLEX puts your company in the drivers seat for all outbound loads. Greater control, including the ability to see multiple bids (as many as you want) on your screen in seconds, with route, cost, duration and other critical information at your fingertips. Now you can make the most informed decision about your load, with the evidence to back up your decision right in front of you.

It’s what a Routing Guide dreams of becoming, but never will.

What do buyers want in their transportation options? Flexibility. Verifiable Cost Savings. Control Over Shipments.

With Customodal’s FLEX, not only can buyers prioritize cost, route, schedule, carrier and other parameters, but those priorities can be modified at any given time for any given load. And at times, even loads that change priority mid-shipment can at times be intercepted and rerouted to fulfill a new objective.

Customodal utilizes the best online shipping portal available. But more importantly, the Customodal team consists of people with a vested interest in your success. Our customer service regularly receives high praise, and our knowledge is second to none.

With FLEX, shipping buyers get the best of all worlds.

Throughout the manufacturing sector, the mandate is to hold shipping costs to a minimum. Unfortunately, the traditional Routing Guide, while a slight improvement over nothing at all, still does very little to accomplish that task (see why below).

The best way to control transportation costs is to use the most current data available, with the broadest array of options from which to choose. Customodal’s FLEX does exactly that.

The beauty of FLEX is that there is very little the buyer must do to enjoy all the benefits of FLEX. Simply use the Customodal online portal, and FLEX does the rest. After entering the specific parameters for the load, our software sifts available carriers through the buyer’s specifications and presents the best options for that load. Want 20 carrier options or only a small pool of your favorite carriers? Done in seconds. FLEX gives you the most flexibility, and optimal control.


Typical Routing Guides are made using data that is usually 12-18 months old. In today’s shipping economy, that’s several lifetimes and it’s costing you money every time you ship. Dynamic Routing takes the most current available data factoring multiple input variables and offers it in a “decision-now” environment, eliminating the wasted time and imprecision of routing guides.

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