What is a Digital Freight Broker?

What is a Digital Freight Broker?

What is a Digital Freight Broker?  

Over the years, new technology has steadily advanced the transportation industry, making it easier to manage the supply chain. The coronavirus has put digital transformation into high speed. It’s sweeping across most industries at extraordinary rates as consumers look for more digital options.


One way that digitalization has touched the world of logistics is with digital freight tools and digital freight brokers (DFBs). 


Defining a Digital Freight Broker


A digital freight broker connects shippers and trucking companies via mobile apps or online marketplaces. DFBs are meant to centralize carriers and shippers to make the process more efficient for both parties.  


How Does a Digital Freight Broker differ from a Traditional Broker?


While some traditional brokers still manage their shippers and trucks in their heads or using spreadsheets; the fact is that all the major operations have been transitioning to digital for years.  The new “disruptors” like Uber Freight entering the market branded as digital freight brokers are no more fully digital then long-term industry providers like TForce Worldwide, CH Robinson, or Echo Global. 


Customodal & TForce Worldwide Offer MORE Than a Digital Freight Broker

Transportation Management System Customodal Logistics Wisconsin

Digital freight tools, i.e., transportation management systems (TMS), allow 3PLs to streamline shipping tasks, shop trucks more efficiently, and customize the experience to the shippers workflows.


Using our Connect TMS from TForce Worldwide, we are just as digital as the three-year-old Uber Freight and other DFBs. The software allows us to price multiple carriers, schedule pick-ups, track deliveries in real-time, view shipment history, and more with an internet-connected device. And, bonus – when you partner with us, you get to use it for free!


You’ll enjoy three added benefits by working with a digitally connected 3PL instead of a DFB:


  1. More Experience – With an average 8.5 years in logistics and supply chain, our team is experienced and has the know-how to handle anything that comes our way for land, air, and sea freight.


  1. A Network of Carrier Connections – No shipper wants to deal with freight problems, but it’s easier to resolve issues when you have someone on your side with a direct contact at the carrier.  


  1. Commitment to Service – We aim to please. No freight issue, logistics nightmare, or transportation problem is too large or difficult.


Take Your Freight Shipping Digital with Customodal


Are you ready to outsource some of your supply chain management tasks? Customodal handles everything from shipping services to supply chain consulting. Our partnership with TForce Worldwide gives us a digital edge as a modern logistics company. Go to our website or call us at 800-445-6577 to connect with us and learn more.