The Ideal Load for an LTL Truck and Why It’s Important

The Ideal Load for an LTL Truck and Why It’s Important

Customodal CEO Explains The Ideal Load for an LTL Truck and Why It’s important to have the ideal shape of your freight if possible.

The ideal load for an LTL truck consists of (48) 4’x4’x4′ cube pallet each weighing 850 pounds. In a perfect world, this is what every truck would be hauling. However, reality is a little bit more complicated. Additionally, supply chain challenges, driver shortages, stalled freight off the west coast, and system delays grants LTL companies the power to surcharge anything less than ideal.

In this video, learn about Overlength Freight, Cubic Capacity, & Situations in Which This Matters.

Freight and How it Fits into an LTL Shipping Trailer

Each block represents a 4′ cubed pallet. 48 of these pallets can fit on a truck. This minimizes the amount of labor and maximizes cubic volume. A pallet that weighs 850 lbs and is 4′ x 4′ x 4′ is ideal. LTL companies like customers that ship 1-2 pallets per BOL. Small shipments like that allow for more invoices at a higher rate.

ideal ltl truck load

the Ideal LTL Truck Load

What about Overlength Freight?

Let’s say there’s a pallet that is 8′ x 4’x 4′. It still fits as long as the material handling capability is available.

Now, if there is a 12’x 4’x 2′ pallet, this awkward size then displaces (3) of the 4x4x4’s. Suddenly, there is empty space available. Then you will be charged for opportunity cost.

overlength freight

overlength freight displaces other pallets

Understanding Cubic Capacity and Cubic Deficit

If you are shipping a fragile piece that can’t have freight on top of it, the unused space on top means displacing other pallets. The cubic capacity is not ideal, creating a cubic deficit. LTL companies are going to charge for the space (deficit) that’s not being used.

typical ltl truck

an LTL truck that is not ideal…but more typical

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