Deliver Your Products on Time

Deliver Your Products on Time

When the supply chain challenges threaten to slow your business down, you need a shipping partner who understands the industry and can help you deliver your products on time. Customodal is a local business with the support of a global logistics platform. This means you get the local touch AND the global reach you need.

How to Help Ensure Products are Delivered on Time

  1. Know the causes of poor on-time performance

There are multiple factors that can impact shipping timelines, whether it be something in your control or out of your control. Everything from road construction to poor planning can cause delays. As the shipping industry becomes more volatile, the external risks increase. This is why it’s important to work with a logistics professional to help ensure everything within your control is managed well. For example, knowing how and when to implement short-term transit fixes and how to approach supply chains is crucial to staying on schedule. Customodal can help!

2. Understand the options for transit

There are many ways to get products from Point A to Point B. To deliver your products on time, it’s important to understand what happens in-between these points. Truckload, air, train, cargo ship…the list of options to use is expansive. Knowing what to use and when to use it is key to maximizing efficiency. Understanding the pros and cons of the different industries and how they work together is also helpful.

3. Streamline your Supply Chain

Improving your supply chain involves pinpointing weaknesses and determining alternatives. For example, complex supply chains tend to drive higher degrees of customization and sophistication between manufacturing partners. By diversifying your customer base, you aren’t as interdependent on just one other company. More supply chain tips for success can be found here.

4. Communicate with your logistics broker

Your LTL shipping partner is there to help, but they can’t help unless they know the full picture. Hiring an LTL freight brokerage is a smart move to address your shipping needs, especially when you are on the same page with the broker. At Customodal, we strive to do things right the first time.

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