How to Get Money Back When Parcel Shipping

How to Get Money Back When Parcel Shipping

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Save Money When Parcel Shipping

Shipping parcels is a day-to-day occurrence for many businesses. If you are looking to get money back when parcel shipping, the process is now easier than ever with OPTIX Parcel Management through Customodal. Our OPTIX service is a system that enables small parcel shippers to negotiate better contract rates and audit invoices for service failures.  If you paid for a certain shipping time and your package gets delayed, for example, you could be entitled to money back from the carrier.

The three major parcel shippers—UPS, DHL, and FedEx—offer to fully reimburse shipping costs when a parcel is unshipped, delivered late or billed incorrectly….but this process is not automatic. Tediously, every shipment must be checked, verified and individually filed for refund. For some, that can add up to hundreds of claims per week, all requiring individual attention. Few companies have the time to keep a close eye, so shipments are paid for even though promised services aren’t fully rendered.

Customodal’s OPTIX Automated Parcel Audit automatically checks shipments against their service promise, automatically files claims for reimbursement, leading to automatic reimbursement of shipping fees. That’s a lot of “automatic”! And our customers don’t spend staff time to get it!

OPTIX Parcel Audit gets all of the refund credits available within your FedEx, DHL and UPS accounts. Each shipment receives a comprehensive, 40-point audit, automatically triggering any necessary actions with the carriers to secure 100% of the refund credits due the sender.

You can try this service out for FREE through a demo. Based on your actual shipping data, the complimentary analysis quantifies potential transportation savings opportunities to help you control and optimize transportation processes. There’s no need to install software, and no change in existing processes. Simply register, and Customodal’s OPTIX Parcel Audit does all the work to get the refunds delivered back to your shipping accounts. Weekly emails showcase all auditing activities on the account, and in-depth reporting is available through the OPTIX Parcel Audit application.

Transporting goods can be expensive, so it’s important to do whatever you can to save money on shipping costs. Learn more about saving on shipping by contacting Customodal today!

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