Customodal Adds to Texas Shipping Team

Customodal Adds to Texas Shipping Team

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Customodal’s Texas shipping team has expanded! Mike Standley recently joined the Customodal Team as an Account Executive located in Beaumont, Texas. Mike has more than 32 years of experience in LTL shipping. He is looking forward to the opportunity to serve his existing clients with more territory and product lines in his role at Customodal .In his free time, Mike enjoys fishing, gardening, going to the beach, and spending time with his Labradoodle, Birdie. Welcome, Mike!

Customodal can help your business ship anywhere in the country…and the world beyond. Our experienced team is ready to handle imports, exports, inbound, outbound, and pretty much anything you can think of. We work with manufacturing companies from Texas to California to Wisconsin to New York! We will meet with you to learn your business first, so that we know how best to serve you.

Why work with a 3PL? There are a lot of reasons, but primarily it pays to have someone that is dedicated to this very important part of your industry. That someone should have experience and skills, but also an understanding of your business. At Customodal, we aren’t just trying to sell you something – we actually care about your business and want to see it succeed!

We have a true passion for this industry and seeing your business be its very best. Contact us today to get started! If you’re looking for a Texas shipping solution, we’re happy to help!


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