A Better Option Than an Asset Based Carrier

A Better Option Than an Asset Based Carrier

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If you’re looking for a better option than an asset based carrier, Customodal could be your solution. An asset based carrier is a company that has their own equipment and works directly with customers to move freight. These include trucking companies, LTL carriers or railroads, for example. Comparatively, freight brokers and 3PL’s (like Customodal) are non-asset based companies.

Here are a few ways in which Customodal is a better option than an asset based carrier:

Customodal Provides Many Services

Customodal can offer more variety of services than an asset-based carrier. We can basically “do it all” instead of being confined to select services with each asset-based carrier. We also have an expanded coverage area.

Customodal Provides Better Customer Experience to All

Customer service with an asset-based LTL carrier is nowhere close to what is offered at Customodal. With asset carriers, large national accounts receive more prioritized treatment compared to day-to-day LTL shippers. Smaller clients often wait more than 20 minutes to speak with someone that can help with a shipment, and even then are often given incorrect information. With asset-based, many times customers are left with not knowing where there shipments are or when they will be delivered. With Customodal, we give much more personal care to each customer and monitor each customer daily. We are proactive and let our customers know if their shipment may be delayed. Communication is key and every client is important.

Customodal Provides Improved Billing Experience

At Customodal, when you have a shipment, the BOL (Bill of Lading) is checked and reviewed before it is tendered to the carrier. As a result, there are many fewer bill corrections and balance due invoices. The billing is done right the first time, unlike with asset-based carriers which feature many corrections. With asset-based, customers receive balance-due bills sometimes weeks or months after their shipment has been delivered and their customer has already been invoiced. With Customodal, we do not invoice a customer until we receive and audit the final invoice from the carrier.

In summary, with Customodal, the customer gets more a personalized experience, improved communication, and access to more services. Learn more by contacting our team today!

Mike Standley joined the Customodal team earlier this year. His background prior to coming to Customodal included work with a variety of asset-based LTL carriers.