When importing raw materials, it is important to have control over the freight to ensure timely delivery, cost-effectiveness, and quality of the materials. Here are a few reasons why you should control your own freight when importing raw materials instead of leaving it to your vendor:

1. Cost control: If you control the freight, you can choose the shipping method that best fits your needs and budget. You can negotiate better prices and optimize the route and delivery time to reduce transportation costs.
2. Timely delivery: When you control the freight, you can track the shipment and ensure that it arrives on time. You can also plan for any unexpected delays or issues and take appropriate actions to avoid any disruptions in your supply chain.
3. Quality control: By managing the freight, you can ensure that the materials are handled properly during transportation and meet the necessary quality standards upon arrival. You can also work with a trusted carrier to minimize the risk of damage or loss of the materials.
4. Flexibility: If you have control over the freight, you can make changes to the shipping arrangements as needed. For example, you can switch carriers, adjust the delivery schedule, or reroute the shipment if necessary.

By controlling the freight when importing raw materials, you can have greater visibility and control over the entire supply chain, which can lead to better outcomes in terms of cost, delivery, and quality.

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