The Customodal Team

Mike Eberl, Customodal CEO

Mike Eberl, CEO

Mike is Founder and CEO of Customodal. Having a nearly 30 year history owning companies which provided asset-based ground freight, parcel shipping, air freight and charter flight services, Mike harnessed that knowledge into a Top-Tier logistics company when he started Customodal.

Very few providers have the extensive background and understanding of freight like the Customodal team, a fact that continues to draw clients with sophisticated shipping needs from thoughout the midwest.

Jaime Geldernick, Customodal CFO

Jaime Geldernick, CFO

As Customodal’s CFO, Jaime Geldernick brings an extensive finance background to Customodal’s complex operations. Having worked for large diversified companies with special expertise in the trucking sector, Jaime provides a steady hand in Customodal’s dynamic growth.

As a true Midwesterner, Jaime brings a strong work ethic to her job, an asset that has enabled Customodal to exceed growth targets each year.

Dear Prospective Client,

Customodal exists to provide unmatched value, superior service, exceptional solutions and unprecedented flexibility for our clients’ freight challenges.

Experience matters: Over 30 years as a business owner and provider of a litany of freight, parcel and transportation services to a host of valuable clients. Close to 20 years building Customodal into one of the most powerful Logistics Providers in the Midwest (and a Top-25 DLSW Agency) servings clients nationwide with worldwide logistics services. All while maintaining a particular focus on customer satisfaction throughout those 30 years. With that, I can state with confidence that Customodal is ideally skilled and uniquely qualified to provide top level 3PL services to your company.

We work hard to solve problems, follow through with every promise and remain committed to innovative answers in an ever-changing transportation landscape.

In short, we solve transportation, and we would like the opportunity to work closely to solve your particular freight challenges.

Message us through this website or call us at 800-445-6577 for a free consultation evaluating your particular freight needs.

Mike Eberl
Customodal, Inc.


The People Who Get it Done for Our Clients

Leadership often gets too much of the praise for great results. At Customodal, we know that it is the entire team that gets the job done day by day, and that without each team member striving for excellent service, our reputation as a Top Tier 3PL would simply not be sustainable.

Our service model includes everyone from the Account Executive to management to our CSR team—all working together behind the scenes to move our customers’ freight. We are a group of professionals, each bringing a particular skillset to make sure deadlines are met and objectives are fulfilled.



Access the Most Sophisticated Transportation Network

Customodal’s affiliation with RR Donnelley’s DLS Worldwide Logistics platform is second to none in all the areas that matter most: Speed. Accuracy. Reliability.

The Most Advanced Logistics Team

There is a reason Customodal is the Most Powerful 3PL in Central Wisconsin. Our team of Logistics Advisors know where to look for the most efficient solutions to your transportation needs.

Deep Experience.

Customodal benefits from a deeper experience in Land and Air Transportation than nearly any competitor. We own or have owned transportation companies for many years, and understand more than how to find a good price. We know how freight works, and bring that expertise to our customers every day.