Top 3 Reasons an LTL Freight Broker is a Worthy Investment for Manufacturers

Top 3 Reasons an LTL Freight Broker is a Worthy Investment for Manufacturers

When a manufacturer budgets for a new piece of equipment, usually it’s because it will help them to become more efficient or accurate. The end goal is, of course, a higher bottom line. An LTL freight broker can save you money and boost your profits too.

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For a small commission, LTL freight brokers handle the responsibilities of identifying reliable carriers within your budget, who can ship on your time frame. The broker handles all the details to ensure the load gets to its destination cost-effectively, efficiently, and safely.


Three Reasons to Invest in an LTL Freight Broker


Let’s examine the three reasons partnering with an LTL freight broker is worth the investment.


  1. Save Money

    Save Money using logistics professionals

LTL freight brokers have a sizable network of carriers they work with to ship loads for their various clients. As is true with many products and services, a higher volume of orders leads to improved prices. Hiring a broker means your company will reap the benefits of their purchasing power and network. 


A knowledgeable broker may also provide you with recommendations to save money. Their experience provides the insight of which days to ship for the best rates and more.


  1. Save Time


Once you hire an LTL freight broker, you’ll eliminate the need to spend hours pricing your loads with multiple carriers. They will handle the process of collecting bids for you, and frequently provide you access to TMS technology so that those quotes are ready in minutes or seconds.

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A broker will also deal with any contracts, documentation, or claims giving you more time to focus on manufacturing operations.


  1. Less Stress


No more weeding out the carriers that are always late or have a tendency to damage your shipments. Reputable freight brokers are steeped in transportation and know which carriers to trust. 


They’ll also remove some of your stress by providing easier tracking and dealing with insurance companies and other issues.


Now is the Time to Invest in an LTL Freight Broker


If you’re ready to invest in an LTL freight broker that understands your industry and needs, search no further. Customodal’s primary clientele are in the Manufacturing sector. We recognize that time is of the essence, especially when equipment goes down or a vendor is delayed in getting a necessary component to your facility.


Maintain focus on the manufacturing of your product, and contact Customodal to manage your shipping. Click or call us at 800-445-6577 to learn more.