Why Trade Show Shipping is Unique

Why Trade Show Shipping is Unique

Trade shows are valuable lead generators and networking tools for companies. And they will be again as the Covid-19 pandemic passes.  But trade show shipping is unique.  So to maximize your trade show results you must understand the best way to address trade show shipping in addition to all the other preparation. 


Designing the booth, gathering marketing materials, planning for travel, and trade show shipping are all part of the process. Be aware – even if you’re in the regular practice of shipping freight, trade show shipping may look a bit different. 


What Makes Trade Show Shipping Unique?


The majority of trade shows provide exhibitors with an exhibitor’s manual that outlines the event’s rules and procedures. Inside you’ll find details like drop off and setup times based on booth location. It’s critical to familiarize yourself with these details as not following them can cause you to incur additional fees. 


Since it is time-sensitive, you must secure a reliable carrier that is experienced with trade shows. They should understand the basic rules and procedures, and be able to coordinate delivery with setup, teardown, and removal services as needed. 


It’s unlikely you’ll have time to remedy a cracked digital screen or other broken product when working within such a short time period to set up your booth. A qualified carrier will be extra careful to ensure the items are functioning and in show-ready condition upon arrival. 


Another consideration is a specialty freight service that allows you to send items to a warehouse close to the event location before the actual delivery date. This eliminates any worries related to last-minute delays when shipping a long distance. 


Hire Customodal to Handle the Unique Details of Trade Show Freight


When transporting your trade show freight, plan ahead to ensure the most cost-effective booking. You’ll want to keep all of your details organized and know the exhibitor’s manual from front to back. 


While there are many unique details to be tended to with trade show shipping, a 3PL partner like Customodal can help alleviate your stresses by coordinating transport, handling the paperwork, tracking your freight, and confirming delivery. With Customodal on your side, your display will be ready to go when the attendees arrive!

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