COVID-19 Is Digitizing Everything – Including Your Supply Chain Logistics

COVID-19 Is Digitizing Everything – Including Your Supply Chain Logistics

The digitizing wave isn’t new. It’s been rolling in for some time now, but the pandemic closures have accelerated several trends in business, including digitization.


Many manufacturers who were delaying digital transformation are now scrambling to embrace it and survive. Others who were slowly taking steps towards becoming digital have been forced to re-strategize their plan and make it a priority.


The Amazon Effect + COVID-19 = A Surge of Digitization


The Amazon Effect is a phenomenon that has made consumers come to expect Amazon’s digital experience from other companies. It’s crossed over into the B2B world too. Buyers want to easily place their orders online and view tracking from the warehouse to their doorstep. 


The impact of having fewer or no employees is an obstacle that automation and other online elements help to overcome. So, when the coronavirus hit and the U.S. went into lockdown, many who were resisting the change realized the need to adopt more technology into their business.


It’s Time to Take Your Supply Chain Logistics Digital


As lockdowns are lifted, and the new normal becomes business as usual, now is the time to embrace digital. The uncertainty of when another event of this magnitude may occur makes it necessary to gain more visibility into your supply chain. 


Digitization makes loss prevention and risk management easier by providing real-time data on your shipments. If you have ample notice of a delay, there’s more probability that you’ll be able to resolve the problem and save the sale. These are insights you wouldn’t normally receive until it’s too late. 


Digitize Your Supply Chain Logistics with Customodal


Companies that want to make their customers happier and improve freight management efficiency will understand the benefits of partnering with Customodal and gaining access to the TForce Worldwide online portal. It gives our customers instant access to new shipment orders, past shipments, and detailed tracking information. 

Customodal is the EASY WAY to take a giant step towards digitizing your supply chain logistics. Send us a message on our website or give us a call at 800-445-6577 to discover how going digital can help your business.