Are You Paying Too Much For Freight?

Are You Paying Too Much For Freight?

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Are you paying too much for freight? Shipping costs are a major consideration when determining the cost of doing business. Some companies can get by with parcel shipping, but most manufacturing companies and bigger industries depend on LTL freight at some point. LTL (“less than truckload” shipping can be expensive – especially so if not approached carefully. Fortunately, there are options to stop you from paying too much for freight and Customodal is here to help with that.

The first step is gathering data on your current shipping situation. (See an example here.) Before you can determine if you are paying too much for freight, you have to determine what you are actually paying. It’s important to understand what these costs are so that we can anticipate future changes to our shipping costs.

Shipping rates are unlikely to go down any time soon. Keep in mind that shipping freight has operational costs for them and as those costs go up, they need to increase the rates that they charge us in order to maintain their profitability. 3PL companies are in the business of delivering customized shipping solutions to their customers and clients. This can mean anything from a dedicated account manager who acts as a liaison for your company’s shipping department to a dedicated service offering that you design together. Depending on the precise nature of your shipping needs, the type of 3PL service you need will differ.

LTL shipping is an essential shipping service to businesses of all sizes and in every industry. As the economic landscape of the trucking industry changes, the costs of traditional LTL shipping are likely to become even more challenging to your business’s bottom line. Fortunately, there are a lot of tools available to your business to try to get a better deal on your shipping needs. Want to learn more ways to save on freight? Contact Customodal today!

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