Help with Freight Claims: How Customodal Can Help

Help with Freight Claims: How Customodal Can Help

Seeking help with freight claims? In the world of logistics, managing freight claims has become increasingly challenging. Carriers are tightening their policies, making it harder for shippers to win claims. However, if you need help with freight claims, partnering with a third-party logistics provider (3PL) like Customodal can significantly enhance your chances of successfully navigating these complexities.
Here’s how:

The Rising Challenge of Freight Claims

In recent times, carriers have become more stringent about freight claims. They are enforcing rules that have always existed but were previously applied more leniently. This shift means that:

  • Documentation is Critical: Carriers now insist on comprehensive documentation to process claims. Any missing paperwork or lack of detailed records can lead to outright denial of claims.
  • Concealed Damage: Traditionally, if damage was not apparent at the time of delivery, shippers could still file a claim if they discovered it later. Now, carriers often require shippers to prove that the damage was caused during transit, making it harder to win concealed damage claims.

The Role of Electronic Bills of Lading (eBOLs)

One of the significant changes in the logistics industry is the adoption of Electronic Bills of Lading (eBOLs). While eBOLs offer several advantages, they also introduce new challenges:

  • No Signature Requirement: Some carriers, like UPS, no longer require signatures for freight delivery. This change can complicate the claims process, as traditional proof of delivery is no longer available. Without a signature, it becomes difficult to argue that the freight was damaged during transit.
  • Photographic Evidence: Carriers are increasingly relying on photographs taken at delivery to support their stance. These photos can either help or hurt a claim, depending on the circumstances.

How Customodal Enhances Your Claim Success

Customodal, as a leading 3PL, brings extensive expertise and resources to the table, significantly improving your chances of winning freight claims:

  1. Expert Documentation Management: Customodal ensures that all necessary documentation is meticulously managed and readily available. This includes maintaining comprehensive records and promptly noting any damage upon delivery, which is crucial for filing a successful claim.
  2. Proactive Damage Reporting: With the changes in eBOL protocols, it’s more important than ever to report any visible damage immediately. Customodal trains its clients and their teams on the importance of noting damage upon delivery and taking proactive steps to document it thoroughly.
  3. Leveraging Industry Knowledge: Customodal stays abreast of the latest industry trends and changes in carrier policies. This knowledge allows them to navigate the complexities of freight claims more effectively, advocating on your behalf with carriers who may otherwise be difficult to negotiate with.
  4. Advanced Claim Processing: Customodal’s experience in handling claims means they can process them efficiently and effectively. They know what carriers are looking for and can present claims in a way that meets those criteria, increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome.

The landscape of freight claims is becoming more challenging, with carriers enforcing stricter rules and eBOLs changing traditional processes. However, by partnering with a 3PL like Customodal, you can navigate these complexities with greater ease and confidence. Customodal’s expertise in documentation management, proactive damage reporting, industry knowledge, and advanced claim processing gives you a significant advantage in winning freight claims.

In this increasingly stringent environment, having a knowledgeable partner on your side can make all the difference. Contact Customodal today to learn how we can help you manage your freight claims more effectively and ensure that you are fully prepared to tackle the challenges ahead.

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