3 Reasons to Include Your Logistics Planning Provider in Annual Business Planning

3 Reasons to Include Your Logistics Planning Provider in Annual Business Planning

Logistics is a core aspect of doing business. Planning for the year ahead means looking at future projects, timing, resource allocation, and logistics, so it’s important to include your logistics planning provider in the process.

Annual plans include goals, timelines, budgets and financial projections, expectations and responsibilities, tools, and the business’s overall vision for the next year. Logistics plays a role in nearly all of these points. 

If you’re not including your logistics provider in the business planning process, you could be leaving money on the table or developing inaccurate forecasts. Here are three reasons why you’ll want to include them in your conversations.

  1. Streamline Workflows – You can reduce any chance for disconnects between provider and shipper by discussing tracking capabilities, who is handling which administrative tasks like documentation and follow-ups, and where to get support for different types of issues.
  2. Estimate Expenses – The C-suite will want to know the expenses involved with any changes to the business. Including your logistics provider in the process will improve projection accuracy and may affect the overall vision.
  3. Beat the Competition – Your logistics provider can make recommendations based on future plans. There may be new capabilities or opportunities that can help your organization with efficiency and cutting costs. Without the full picture, they may not be able to recommend the best cost-saving alternatives for your goals.

Whether the plan is to make significant changes or continue on a similar path, involving your logistics provider in your yearly planning is a smart move. 

Logistics Planning Management is Complex – Customodal is Your Guide

As eCommerce grows, so too do the complexities of logistics management. The “Amazon Effect” has changed consumers’ expectations, and companies that don’t evolve will be left behind. 

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